What Are SEO Audit Services?


The process of analysing the fact about the well-presented web you have which is related to the best practices is known as SEO Audit services. This is also considered to be the first step taken in implementation of plans that will definitely provide us the best of results.

The main motto of the audit being done is to focus on the initial issues that vigorously affect the organic search performance of the company. By performing the SEO audit, you will get to see a few important things.

  • Issues related to On-Page
  • Problems in website structuring
  • Off-site problems
  • Technical issues related to search engine optimization
  • Glitches in user-experience
  • Gaps in content and opportunities
  • Insights of competitive market places

So if you are worried and thinking of auditing my website for free, then you are at the right place. Ecoguard Technologies has the best options to audit the website as well as improvise it by using the best search engine optimization techniques. Moreover, you can also consider an audit as a health check-up of your website.

What An SEO Audit Should Perform?


The most vital part of auditing is it being comprehensive. It has to cover and improvise the search engine optimization visibility of the website. The audit should provide a clear transparency on what is happening in the website at the current scenario. If something is being missed, it would be creating unnecessary or improper recommendations.

As a business owner, you should be able to understand how to improve SEO and prioritise the goals and revenue of your business. The process of SEO audit should be in action which states prioritising the recommendations, looking for projected impact and effort that are associated with each other. Following this method will let you find an output which focuses on a proper roadmap to perform proper SEO.

Benefits Of SEO Audit

Performing an SEO audit is extremely important for your brand and website. The reasons are mentioned below:

  • Visibility increases – First and foremost is to understand the rank you want for your website. For boosting your rank higher you need to have a solid SEO strategy which will improve it. The first thing is the keyword strategy, which lets you know about the market and your competitors. Knowing it will help you to judge your issues in the website and perform well on-page SEO. Doing the SEO audit that involves keywords and in-depth research will lead into a good on-page SEO and even off-site website advertising.
  • Good Quality Content – An intensified website audit also includes certain crucial things like page views, bounce rates or time on site. These are the key points to be focused on which will definitely lead to a better search engine indexing. The audience will visit your website repeatedly due to the quality of the content. Doing a proper audit to your content will help you in understanding the type of content they are loving. You can easily analyse a proper content strategy by doing a perfect audit.
  • Return of Investment increases – For any website or business, ROI is extremely vital. Get holds of Ecoguard Technologies, who can give you a perfect knowledge about the audit report stating the facts like your top landing pages, content, design, and even calls-to-action. This helps us in maximising the conversions. To be precise it is not at all an easy process. It takes months to exactly figure out what is working well for the website and what not. Moreover, if you can plan strategically and do a proper SEO audit, it will definitely give us higher returns.