ROI Driven Marketing

What Is ROI Driven Marketing?

Like in today’s world, without digital marketing we cannot think of running a business successfully, simultaneously, ROI Driven Marketing is essential to let you know whether your digital marketing is actually helping your business to grow and reach its revenue goals.

ROI Driven Digital Marketing is one of the most important components of a marketing campaign that states the performance, impact and profit of your business. These insights achieved from the process can be used for driving your future policies, data driven strategies and many other things. Ecoguard technologies have always explored new things and therefore let us see how driven ROI helps in marketing.

Is ROI Driven Marketing Necessary?

The most important question heard from maximum people regarding marketing is how to identify that digital marketing is working. And it’s a justified question. This is the place where the concept of ROI Driven marketing comes to work. There is only one way to identify if your business is making profit for you is to analyze the ROI. The ROI (Return of Investment) tells you what is doing well for your business, what you can improve to make your business more profitable and what should be removed for the betterment of your business.

If you are able to calculate the marketing numbers then it will help you in making your decisions for your company. Ecoguard Technologies uses an ROI Calculator to determine the actual marketing budget required for the betterment of the business. Never try to calculate this blindly as it can lead you to massive failure. While tracking your ROI, you can keep a record of the selected strategies that are working for you. This information definitely helps you in correcting your strategies and improves your tactics. Thus, turning your weaker strategies into stronger ones.

ROI Driven Marketing Strategies for E-commerce

ROI Driven Marketing Strategies for E-commerce

There is extreme cut-throat competition in the e-commerce sector nowadays. Marketing has become a good challenge for all startups. While starting a business you might face many glitches and hurdles and need to make your mind Strategic Financial Consulting. So before you start it's necessary to know the exact way of marketing it, evaluate your ideas, chalk out a proper market and business plan and most importantly choose an exact product.

Therefore here are some ROI Driven Marketing strategies to follow:

1. Build An Email List – Development of an email list is an excellent ROI driven marketing strategy for your e-commerce. This is a massive help in reaching out to your targeted audience and thus enhances your website traffic. Ecoguard Technologies always follows this process to get their targeted audience and offer them with the best services available.

2. Running of Promotions/ Giveaway - For those who are starting their startups, it is really difficult to beat established brands. But there are several other strategies that help you increase your brand visibility. Few such strategies include regular promotions and give away your products to customers freely. This attracts a huge mass of customers and helps in increasing your fan base.

3. Launch Affiliate Program – Affiliate marketing has the capability of increasing your business enormously. These kinds of marketing with joint ventures help you in selling your products to other marketers on your behalf. Moreover, these affiliate marketers have large email lists, so you can get those and get yourself engaged in increasing your business.

4. Launch Your Business On Various Platforms – Do not make the mistake of launching your business only on one platform. There is a good opportunity to launch your products on digital hosting platforms like Shopify, eBay, Amazon, and Etsy. This helps in capturing the attention of your targeted audience. As well as these platforms help in increasing your brand awareness.