Graphic Design

What Is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is the specialty of preparation and making visual content to impart ideas and messages. Graphic design is wherever you look — from announcements to cereal boxes to mobile applications. Through fusing various components and standards, these plans can impact our perceptions and feelings.

Graphic design is otherwise called correspondence plan, and Graphic Designers are basically visual communicators. They rejuvenate visual ideas, most normally through visual graphic programming, and illuminate or connect with buyers through text, graphics, and pictures.

Graphic design is an innovative flow that consolidates art and innovation to convey thoughts. The designer works with a designer of specialized devices to pass on a message from a customer to a specific audience. The principal tools are picture image typography.

What Is Infographics & Motion Graphics?

Infographics are considered as a visual representation of any kind of data or image. Be it data of market trends or any kind of industrial thing, we can make this infographic to make them worth visualizing.

Whereas motion graphics is composed of pieces of animation, graphic designs, digital footage, and audio. This is an easy and effective way to convey your message to the audience.

At Ecoguard Technologies, you will get to see various infographic content ideas by our highly qualified team members as well as we are pro in designing entire visual campaigns including multiple types of content. These contents can vary from interactive sites to infographics to amplified reality experiences. Simultaneously, we have built our reputation as a motion graphics agency because of our personalized animation services. We believe in turning our customers into our family. Therefore, Ecoguard Technologies manages to outperform and thrive for delivering what exactly you dream of.

Types of Infographics and It’s Time for Usage

  • List Based Infographics – This kind of infographic is totally list-based. It consists of all the information or content in a list format. This is made specifically so that readers can focus on the main things that are mentioned in a specific order. There is a particular time to use the list based infographics. This is used when you want the readers of the content to take an important note but the time says them to skip it. The readers due to lack of time often just go through the headings or subheadings for better understanding and it ensures that the readers enjoy a great reading by keeping the content sweet and simple.
  • Interactive Infographics - An interactive infographic is nothing but a combination of graphs and charts with a pinch of dynamic elements that might include pop-ups. This kind of infographic is used to attract a certain kind of client.It is for those who respond very well to these creative and out-of-the-box ideas.
  • Visual Article Infographic – This kind of infographic basically allows you to make an article visual instead of using heavy texts. The visual infographics include lots of visuals that are relevant to the content. This infographic is mostly used where heavy texts are there. We at Ecoguard Technologies often use Visual Article Infographic to avoid heavy text articles.

Types Of Motion Graphic Infographics And When to Use Them

  • Explainer Video – These kinds of videos offer you a short and crisp piece of video where they tell you how the product or your service works. This is one of the most essential among all the other types of motion graphics. Ecoguard Technologies is a motion graphic company that helps you in growing your business. This video is used only when your product is too simple to reach your audience.
  • Instructional Videos – The Instructional Video is quite similar to the above-mentioned Explainer video as it states the ways to use the product or services of your business.
  • User Interface Animation – UI (User Interface Animation) is a smart idea to show your product in action either on your app or website through motion graphics. Motion graphic company,Ecoguard Technologies helps in performing each of these very well.

What Is the Importance of Graphic Design In Digital Marketing?

Despite the fact that text-based advertisements actually work, promotions with the right equilibrium between graphics and texts are more effective. This is on the grounds that there is a mental factor behind visual design. Each shape, line, shading, text style, or design actuates a specific inclination or feeling on the audience.

The role of graphic design in digital marketing is amazingly significant. Each plan component has an effect. Regardless of whether you counsel the services of a branding agency or social media marketing agency, these specialists will reveal to you a certain something – graphic design and digital marketing work inseparably.

  • Configuration Design Speaks Better than Words that aids in imparting your brand story.
  • Helps in Creating a Strong Impression and Easily absorbable content.
  • Helps in Maintaining Trust.
  • Graphic Design can help your Sales.

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