What is E-commerce?

As per Ecoguard Technologies’ e-commerce, it is considered extremely simple. The purchasing and selling of products and services with the help of the internet is considered as e-commerce. This e-commerce is only referred to as online shopping, but it also includes monetary and transactions of data through the internet. For instance, online shopping centers, subscription based businesses or any kind of digital products like audio, video courses are also included in e-commerce. No wonder it is a magnificent way for multiple organizations and stores to dive into the empowering business by creating advertisements that can be a lead magnet for e-commerce.

E-commerce Marketing Strategies:

E-commerce websites are now becoming overpowering with each passing day. Social media channels platforms are utilized to steer attention and attract traffic on the official websites. Through e-commerce you can also show off your product or services as well as the success of the products. This procedure helps in indulging more traffic on your website, thus creating lead generation for e-commerce business.


We have multiple strategies and tactics that need to be followed:

  • SEO – To increase the level of popularity and traffic in your business, you need to perform and enhance the organic searches for your business or e-stores.
  • Email- Marketing – A great way to get connected with your existing customers and reach new as well by sending them updates on the upcoming sales or promotions.
  • Market Affiliation – For proper guidance to the customers, the e-commerce website will be using several referrals and banner ads.
  • PPC – A feasible deal among websites that resonates with the website by advertising on other websites and they will be paid with each and every click on the ad.
  • Display Ad – This option is adapted for extremely busy websites. You just need to create images and links which will end up in giving up a clear view of the consumer.
  • Chat Bots – Chatbots are the first medium of contact between your customers and you. This chatting can build your relationship or break it. To attract new customers and make them stay, these bots need to answer all the queries raised by the visitors and resolve their issues if they have.

There are few types of E-commerce business models that are followed by people nowadays. The lead generation for ecommerce business depends on the business models followed.

  • B2C – Business to consumer, in this model the business sells its products or services directly to the end users. Generally online retailers start their business with this model.
  • B2B – Business to business provides its offerings to various other business models. There are many organizations that provide B2B SaaS (Software as a Service) goods or sell products in the B2B model.
  • C2C – Consumer to consumer, this is the model in which business deals start or are done between two customers. One consumer selling their pre-owned goods to other consumers is an example of the C2C model.

Few Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Online Sales

  • Upsell Your Products
  • Integrate Instagram
  • Reduce Abandoned Carts
  • Facebook Store
  • Grab email subscribers
  • Improvise Email Campaigns
  • Wish list Reminder