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What are B2B Leads?

B2B Leads is a term offered to those potential people who can be turned into customers for your business. These leads can be categorized as those who will be coming up with adding value to the products and services.

If done perfectly, these leads can let your business grow and compete well with the competitors. Leads should always be quality-based. Spending your valuable time on spinning wheels on numbers will land you with less business.

However, if you are capable of increasing your lead volume, then you should also take care of the quality.


Types of Leads

There are two types of leads in the market:

Marketing Qualified Leads – These leads are most likely to be interested in becoming dedicated paying customers. The quality of the lead is judged based on the value of using the product and services. Such as:

  • Visiting a company page repeatedly
  • Filling out a form or multiple forms on your official website
  • Signing up for attending company’s webinars or events
  • Downloading multiple pages that your company has made

Sales Qualified Leads – These leads are those marketing qualified leads who are ready to proceed with the sales team. To get designated as an SQL, the leads have to show some intent of purchasing products and services. The interest can be shown in various ways, such as:

  • While speaking to your sales team over the call
  • Also, you can show interest by dropping any message or an email
  • If you show more interest in your company and offers
  • When you show interest in looking at a demo of the product or service

Strategies to Generate Leads

  • Focus mostly on cities and not country-wise
  • If you are interested in generating leads outside the country, you can focus on particular cities that will give good search results which will later help you in targeting clients on a location basis.

  • Utilizing the tools and directories
  • Use proper tools and directories that have advanced options. These tools help in gathering leads based on certain specific locations.

  • Use Growth Hacking Tools
  • Tools like leadonardo, followerwonk, hashat, etc can be used to generate the leads.

  • Target Less Popular Cities
  • Places that are directly or indirectly related to your niche will be of less competition.

  • High-quality Content
  • The content plays a vital role in generating leads, be it blogs, infographics, whitepapers, or e-books.

  • Social Media
  • Using social media platforms for ads is the best way to generate leads.

  • Influencers Outreach Program
  • Not only the above-mentioned techniques but also using influencers outreach techniques, you can generate quite a good amount of leads.

  • Targeted Location
  • Location targeting is an extremely good way of focusing and marketing the ads thus generating new leads.

  • Cold Emails
  • The most efficient way of reaching out to new clients is cold emails. So, try to use it more often.

Few more strategies build great B2B lead generation. Get the best strategies availed from the best lead generation service provider Ecoguard Technologies.